Tadoba national park

Wild Bison – Tadoba National park
Black panther – Tadoba national park
  • Tadoba National park – It is located in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra. Tadoba national park is spread in an area of about 580 sq kilometres. Apart from Bengal tiger, it is home to several animals like Leopards, Hyenas, Cheetal, Bara Singha, Indian monitor lizard and so on. Distance of Tadoba national park from Nagpur Airport is about 140 kms.       

Tadoba national park is one of the largest area reserved for conservation of Tigers in India. It is located in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra. This park is also called as Tadoba Andhari tiger reserve. The Tiger population in Tadoba is about 45 which is one of the highest in India.

The park opens from 15th October to 30th June every year. Tadoba national park is closed on each Tuesday for all kind of tourist activities. Jeep safaris can be arranged in the Tadoba National park. Permits are issued by the department of forests.

Main Zones of Tadoba National park

Core Zones of Tadoba national park : Tadoba, Moharli and Kolsa zones are core Zones. There are good chances of spotting wild animals in these zones.

Buffer Zones of Tadoba : Kolara, Ramdevi and Alizanza are the buffer zones of Tadoba.

How to book Jeep rides in Tadoba national park ?

Jeep safaris can be prebooked by the site of department of Forests. This is the best way to explore Tadoba tiger reserve. The charges of Jeep rides are from 9500 Rs to 12500/- depending upon the tourist season.