Panna national park

Panna national park is located in Madhya pradesh. The nearest Airport to Panna National park  is Khajuraho. Distance of Panna National park from Khajuraho by road is about 25 kms. Once known for its white tiger population, now has around 12 tigers. It has an area of around 547 Sq kilometers. 

Panna national park can be visited from October to June. Park remains closed during monsoon season each year. Panna can be reached easily from Khajuraho – which is known for its temples of Kamasutra. During summers, temperatures rise upto 45 degrees, and most of the flora dries up. This gives tigers perfect surroundings to hide themselves.

Panna can be visited in Jeep, which are available at Entry gates. Panna is also known as only national park, with white tiger. Now most of them are extinct. It is very rare to find white tiger else where. Other wild animals include Bears, Hyenas, deers, Chital, Sambhar, Pythons etc.