Kaziranga national park

One horned Rhino – Kaziranga national park
Elephant safari – Kaziranga National park
  • Kaziranga National park – It is located in Assam in Golaghat and  Nagaon districts. Kaziranga national park is known for its One Horned Rhinoceros. It covers and area of about 430 square kilometres along mighty Brahmaputra river. Each year during monsoon several Rhinos die due to floods in Brahamputra river. Nearest Airport to reach Kaziranga National park  is Guwahati and nearest Railway station to reach kaziranga national park is  Nagaon.               

Kaziranga National park is known for Indian One horned Rhino. The other animals which can be seen by taking Jeep safaris in Kaziranga National park are Elephants, Indian bison, Deer, Wild Boar, and several other bird species. Each year during monsoons, the park is flooded by the mighty Brahmputra river. The best way to explore Kaziranga is on Elephant back. Therefore, Elephant safari in Kaziranga is must to do activity while in Assam.

Main zones of Kaziranga National park

Core zones of Kaziranga : Kohora (Central Range)  and Bagori (western Range) are the core zones of the Park. The Charges for Jeep safari are about 4000 Rs for Indians and Rs 8000 for Foreigners.

Buffer Zones of Kaziranga : Agratoli (Eastern Range), Burapahar (Ghorakati Range) are the buffer zones. These zones are famous for wild life photography. Jeep safaris, Elephant safaris are conducted by the forest department officials.

How to book Jeep Safari in Kaziranga ?

The best way to book Jeep safari in Kaziranga is by going through the department of Forest website, government of Assam. However, there are several agencies working to issue permits for Jeep safaris in Kaziranga.