Kanha national park
Kanha tiger safari

Kanha national park : One of the most popular destinations in Central India for Tigers. It is located 160 km south east of Jabalpur. Kanha national park covers an area of about 1950 Sq kilometers. The Core zone of Kanha is about 950 sq kms. It is one of the famous settings of Rudyard Kiplings Jungle book. The park is known for its Sal forests and woody grasslands full of rivers and streams.

According to the department of Forest, Kanha has about 132 Tigers, with about 90 leopards. There are huge chances of tiger sightings during summers, since animals move out in search of water.

Main zones of Kanha national park :

Core Zones : Kanha , Kisli, Sarhi and Mukki

Buffer Zones : Khapa, Khatia, Phen, Sizora

Jeep safaris are arranged in early morning and Evening. There are several accommodation options at Kanha. The best options are available near Khatia, Kisli, and Kanha gates. There are three visitor centres also at kanha, Khatia and Mukki zones.

So one must visit Kanha national park to experience best of wild life.

Like Other parks of Madhya Pradesh, Kanha remains closed for visitors on Wednesday afternoons.