India travel info

India Travel Info

India is a very large country. It is home to almost 1.28 billion people and largest democracy in the world. Indian subcontinent has almost everything. It has plains, mountains, rivers, oceans, villages, sprawling metro cities like Mumbai or historical city like Delhi. India is a living civilization. With its roots deeply connected to Indus river valley, moving from the snow clad peaks of Himalaya to its vast Northern Plains drenched by mighty rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Brahmputra and several others.

India is not a country, but a continent. It has 22 Official languages, with Hindi as National Language and English as supporting language. There are diversities, and when we travel across its corners, It seems we are crossing not only geographical boundaries, but scenic boundaries as well.

Allahabad sangam visit
Allahabad Sangam visit

In a nutshell, Indian subcontinent resembles a triangle placed upside down. ON the Top, it has Himalayas. This region is known for its amazing landscapes and tourist spots like Dharamshala, Ladakh, Lahaul and spiti, Kashmir Valley, and other areas which are known for its beauty and extraordinary landscapes. These places are known for their Tibetan culture and customs.

Moving downwards, we reach Gangetic plains. There are several tourist circuits which include World famous – Golden temple in Amritsar. It is a holy shrine for every Sikh in the world. Further there are cities like Delhi, Agra, Jaipur known for the monuments like Qutub Minar, Tajmahal and Amber fort. These are famous cities on Golden triangle tourism circuits. WE can add some more wonderful cities like Orcha and Khajuraho – which is known for its temples of Kamasutra. Then Further, there is city of Varanasi which is spiritual capital of India. Thus India has lot to offer, with a variety extra ordinary for travelers of the world.

India is a world in itself, with amazing surprises and glorious diversity. Its landscapes, arts, traditions, people, culture are some of the factors, which make it a unique country of the world.

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