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India facts

India has remained an attraction for the whole world since ages. This is due to its unique geographical position on the globe. Its products were exported to several countries which included spice, precious stones, Jewelry, silk, cotton and other products. This has resulted in attracting several invaders who attacked, looted the wealth. India has faced several famines, political upheavals, disturbances, and destructed several times. But each time, it bounced back again, and revived. This is the reason, still we can feel the essence of Indian culture everywhere we go in India.

Religion in India is still a dominating factor with majority of Population following Hindu religion ( about 82%) and rest Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Jainis, Parsis and other minorities. India was birthplace of two of the worlds greatest religions – Hinduism and Buddhism.

Thus there are many different worlds in India. Best way to explore is to come to this place and discover this new world, which is far different from extensive techhy lives of western world. Here, a farmer is using latest android phones and watching new irrigation techniques on You tube