Complete India Travel guide


From the world’s largest democracy, a country host to 1.2 billion people, spread across the vast subcontinent. It is bounded by Indian Ocean in the South, Arabian sea on the west , and Bay of Bengal in the South East. Guarded well, by mighty Himalayan ranges in the north, this country is home to one of the earliest civilizations of the world, this is the country to enrich the world with most ancient techniques, and philosophies. 


It is country with world’s second largest population giving birth the one of the fastest growing economies of the world. You will come across swarms of peoples coming out of Metro stations, welcoming you with their smiles and smeared TIKA on the heads. It is a Country which houses most complex population with different religions and languages and cultures, but still continues to be one the the most enchanting and mesmerising tourist destinations in the world.

Talk about its metro cities like Delhi – which has various medieval period buildings like Qutub minar or Mumbai or Chennai or any other modern city. It offers you all the facilities and luxuries, which are found no where in the world. It is a country with one of the largest population of Doctors , engineers, IT professionals. At the same time, it is the country with maximum number of contrasts in the world.

Still you can find farmers wearing Turbans and traditional attire using smartphones and Tablets, to gather information from the google for next monsoon and new ideas from the betterment of crops. Even in remote villages, bullock cart owners and camel herdsmen uses GPS Navigation systems on their new smartphones to know the directions.

Thus we welcome you to this amazing country – full of enthusiasm and a never dying spirit which has remained lifeline of this wonderful land, since ages, when man started to walk, we believe.




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